Restoration & Repair Services

Our services include the restoration of structural elements, such as broken legs, drawer slides and missing hardware. Also, we can restore missing or lifted veneer, inlays or marquetry. In addition, we work with other restorers to provide complete “one stop” restoration service. Recent examples include a damaged porcelain grandfather clock face, a distressed tooled leather desk insert and a missing cast brass decorative element. Replacement keys for old locks can also be made.

French Polishing

The major elements of fine antiques in bygone years were design and construction techniques, however, the luster and the subtle warm wood tones were achieved with the finish, which, from the mid 1700’s through the 1800’s was French polish. This is the term given to the process of coating wood with shellac dissolved in alcohol using a pad or “rubber” made of cloth and cotton wool rather than a brush. Upon application the alcohol evaporates leaving a thin coat of shellac on the wood surface. As the process is repeated many times a finish is achieved that is impossible to duplicate by any other means. We rarely use any other finishing technique because we believe French polish really is the finish available for period antiques.

Colour Matching

Sometimes the original finish on a piece has faded or has been previously changed to a color that is not in keeping with the period of manufacture. We have a selection of colourants that we use to tone and rectify colour mismatch.